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January 19-January 23, 2008
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Date: Monday, January 21


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What Is Teacher 'Effectiveness' and How May It Be Assessed?
  Location: Kent
  Date: Monday, Jan.21
  Time: 9:00AM - 9:10AM
  Author: David E. Meltzer, University of Washington
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: I will discuss various issues related to "teacher effectiveness" and its assessment, specifically in the context of using research-based, guided-inquiry curriculum and instruction in pre-college classrooms. Among the factors often identified as contributing to effectiveness are (1) knowledge of content, (2) knowledge of science "process" skills such as experiment design and analysis, (3) knowledge of "Nature of Science" (practices and philosophies of the scientific community), (4) pedagogical content knowledge (knowledge of issues related to learning of specific concepts), (5) ability to apply general pedagogical strategies that are relatively independent of specific content, and (6) ability to implement effective methods while subject to institutional and logistical constraints. I will discuss some of the mutual interactions of these factors and the challenges they pose to making valid overall assessments. *Supported in part by NSF PHYS-0108787
  Footnotes: None
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