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2010 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 17-21, 2010
Portland, Oregon

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Date: Tuesday, July 20

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Evolution of Students' Ideas about Entropy
  Location: Galleria III
  Date: Tuesday, Jul.20
  Time: 3:20PM - 3:30PM
  Author: David E. Meltzer, Arizona State University
  Co-Author(s): Warren M. Christensen
  Abstract: During the past 10 years our research group has investigated student ideas and student learning about entropy and related concepts. A variety of tools and techniques have been used including individual interviews, free-response and multiple-choice diagnostic tests, archiving of responses to research-based tutorials, and classroom observations. Data have been acquired in a wide variety of different courses including introductory algebra- and calculus-based courses, upper-level courses, and courses in related fields such as chemistry. I will discuss and summarize some of the key findings generated by these investigations.
  Footnotes: Supported in part by NSF Grant Nos. DUE 9981140, PHY 0406724, PHY 0604703, and DUE 0817282
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