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2011 AAPT Winter Meeting
January 8-12, 2011
Jacksonville, Florida

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Date: Monday, January 10

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Students' Reasoning about Entropy in Chemical and Physical Contexts*
  Location: City Terrace 7
  Date: Monday, Jan.10
  Time: 7:10PM - 7:20PM
  Author: David E. Meltzer, Arizona State University
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: In recent years a number of studies have been published that address students' reasoning about entropy in the context of chemical thermodynamics. These studies have revealed common student difficulties such as confusion regarding distinctions between "system" and "surroundings," misunderstandings regarding microstates and macrostates, and a tendency to confuse entropy with kinetic energy. I will review these studies from the standpoint of related research that has been done in the context of physics education.
  Footnotes: *Supported in part by NSF Grant DUE-0817282
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