Foundations and Frontiers of Physics Education Research

August 15-19, 2005 Bar Harbor, Maine


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I. Lillian McDermott, University of Washington (Monday 9 AM)

II. Edward F. "Joe" Redish, University of Maryland (Monday 10 AM)

III. Karen Cummings, Southern Connecticut State University (Tuesday 9 AM)

IV. Ron Thornton, Tufts University (Tuesday 10 AM)

V. David Hammer, University of Maryland (Wednesday 9 AM)

VI. Valerie Otero, University of Colorado, Boulder (Wednesday 10 AM)

VII. David Meltzer, Iowa State University (Thursday 9 AM)

VIII. Steve Kanim, New Mexico State University (Thursday 10 AM)

IX.a. Paula Heron, University of Washington (Friday 9 AM)

IX.b. Michael Wittmann, University of Maine (Friday 9.30 AM)

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